Heavenly Movies

04.21.2014 by Reed Dunn


I wanted to share a video about the new movie, Heaven Is For Real.  I think two important things are at play with Christian movies…
1) I think Hollywood’s interest in “our turf” is less than genuine. 
2) Many Christians, so hungry for uplifting entertainment options, follow the herd to movies like this without thinking the damage they might inflict on our understanding of Scripture.

Most of us agree that corporate marketing motives can’t be trusted when it comes to the Christian faith, but I want to add that we should also not let these big budget books and movies be our guide for faith as well.  The new “Heaven Is For Real” movie is now out for your consumption but I wanted to recommend a video to you as you make your judgments about going to the movie, or simply interpreting it if you decide to go.  My wife and I have both read the book.  Something about it bothered us but we couldn’t put our finger on it.  Well, the below video clip from David Platt nails it.  

You may watch this clip and form a rebuttal that goes something like this: "Should we really worry about movies like this since it will possibly do so much good for the Kingdom?"  I am well aware of the argument that the movie/book might “work” and so it should be given its due.  But I don’t believe that all those things that “work" are right and/or good.  The Bible says all those things that are “holy" are right and good.  Satan’s single most pointed temptation at Jesus was offering options for being the Messiah that might “work” without them being “right.” 

Whatever you decide, never stop thinking critically and judging things by God’s chosen form of revelation: the Scriptures.