Series: Church In The Hundred Acre Wood


09.07.2012 by Chris Miller

Ministering to Poohs

Though there is only one Pooh in the hundred-acre wood, there are many “Poohs” in the life of the church.  How can we minister to the “Poohs” in our midst and how can “Poohs” minister in our midst?

Topics: people of god, church, children



05.10.2012 by Chris Miller

Church in the Hundred Acre Wood - Introduction

I don’t imagine that using an illustration from the Hundred Acre Wood could capture all the wonder and glory of the communion of saints.  But I do hope, if you’ll hang with me (and I must admit I’m a little nervous about committing to such a project) throughout this blog that God might use it to help develop and nurture in you, and me, a deep love for, and appreciation of, the people of God.

Topics: relationships, people of god, ecclesiology, community, communion of the saints, church