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09.13.2012 by Greg Billingsley

The Influence of a Worldview

There are thousands of things that influence the way we look at the world. Every experience we have, every book we read, every conversation we engage in, even down to every sensory input that is processed by our brain, can have some degree of effect, whether very large or extremely minuscule, on the way we view the world and interpret the events around us. However, underneath all of these things stand a small number of primary ideas that each one of us holds on to. These primary, foundational concepts have the most influence on our worldview, and, even though no one is truly consistent in applying these concepts, they have a large effect on one’s understanding of the world.

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03.21.2012 by Greg Billingsley

Does God Control The Weather?

Now that we are in tornado season, I’ve been seeing more and more blog posts, articles, and comments about natural disasters and God’s role in them. So, what is the biblical view of God’s control of the things of nature? This post investigates the Reformed doctrine of God’s providence.

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