Dear Reader

01.14.2012 by Reed Dunn


This blog is intended to be read by the curious Christian who wants to know more about their God, more about his Word, or more about their faith. 

I am a pastor in a Reformed Presbyterian Church.  I have degrees in theology and philosophy and my interests lean towards things like Biblical Theology and Hermeneutics.  I don’t have pet theologies and not a lot of soapboxes, but I do enjoy putting ideas into words.  I sometimes seem to have different questions than other people, or possibly I don’t have the same hang-ups that other people have.  Either way, that can be toxic for a blog.  The Internet seems committed to soundbytes and lynch mobs - I am not interested in either.  I rarely think a good idea can be summed up with a sound byte.  I actually have a desire to expand ideas, not reduce them.  And I have to admit the idea of lynch mob is just no good - especially if my questions make me the subject of one! In short, I am somewhat skeptical of the medium I have just entered.  But after sitting by and watching the mean people on the Internet gobble up some of the nice Christians I know, I have decided to offer something different.  And I am putting my thoughts out there asking for some kind of benevolence from you, the reader. 

I admit, here and now, I am not always convinced that I am right and I rarely enjoy a good theological argument.  I often enjoy a good question like others enjoy a fine wine.  It is certainly more fun to me than a quick answer.  I am happily Reformed and Confessional, but I do sometimes see things in shades of gray rather than black and white.  I am more curious than polemical.  So if that is the sort of thing you enjoy, then welcome to my blog.   I appreciate your interest in my ideas and I am confident that God will lead you into all truth, even when I am wrong.


Reed Dunn